Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing – thank you and your tremendous team

My experience of egg freezing treatment with Dr Deng was amazing! I had genetic testing and found out I am a BRCA carrier when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and found out she had BRCA. I inherited that gene from my mother. It took me several years to accept it. I did not want to think about my fertility until I was 33 and had no partner. I started to consider freezing my eggs at that time.


My initial consultation with Dr. Deng was very informative. She answered all my questions about the egg freezing process and addressed my concern for the safety of IVF, especially the impact on future breast cancer and ovarian cancer given my risk factors. I decided to proceed with the egg freezing treatment shortly after the consultation. Dr. Deng worked with my period and my working schedule. The protocol I was given was straightforward and came with a good step-by-step guide. I was provided with the early ultrasound monitoring slots, so I will not have to ask for work excuses. The whole treatment experience was much easier than I thought. I had 14 eggs frozen without any event. The cost of treatment is also affordable in comparison with many other fertility centers. Every single person I had interactions with has been very kind and professional. I could not recommend this practice more highly.