Egg Freezing

You will never be more fertile than now!

The egg freezing process is safe and does not decrease your ovarian reserve or cause earlier menopause.



There is no perfect age to do egg freezing, but there are better ones.

The younger you are when you freeze your eggs, the better-quality eggs or embryos you will get.

Freezing eggs at a younger age will require less medication, which means less treatment expenses.


If you freeze your eggs at 30 and decide to use them at 35, you still have the same chance as a 30-year-old to achieve pregnancy. This is because the determining factor of your fertility is the age of your eggs! 

Egg freezing is often chosen when:


– You have not found the right partner
– You and your partner are not ready for parenthood
– You face challenges in combining parenthood and building a career
– You have medical conditions that need preserve your fertility


You should get your ovarian testing done, which can guide your egg freezing treatment and help your fertility treatment decision making. Know more about your ovarian reserve.


Meet Amanda. She shared her egg freezing journey with us.

Question: What made you decide to freeze your eggs?

I was 34, healthy, and in a serious relationship when I froze my eggs. Both my partner and I were focusing on our careers and not ready for children yet, but I knew that I would like to have that option open at some later point in my life. I had some friends the same age as me who struggled to get pregnant, so I decided to get my ovarian reserve tested and freeze my eggs as a measure of security for my future fertility.


Question: How much does it cost to freeze eggs? Is it affordable?

I did research and found out that costs vary at different fertility centers. Think Fertility provides a very affordable price which covers monitoring, retrieval procedure and egg freezing treatment. They’ve also connected me with several financing companies that offered resources and payment plans which made the treatment cost totally affordable and manageable.


Question: How long does the freezing process take? Do I need a specific time to do it?

It took roughly 2 weeks from the start of medication stimulation to the egg retrieval procedure. The whole treatment timeline was not as complicated as what I thought.

At the beginning, I worried about giving injections to myself, but I was taught by the RN how to do it and it was honestly not bad at all. I had intentionally planned to adjust my work to be less intense, but I was able to live normally and do my job during my treatment. Since this was a rational and conscious decision for me to freeze my eggs, I felt a lot of relief after I got started.


Question: What is the process of egg freezing treatment?

I booked a consultation first. After talking to the doctor, I had my ovarian reserve testing done. The doctor made a treatment and stimulation plan specifically for my situation, and I was given appropriate doses of medication to stimulate growth of eggs starting on my cycle’s day 2. I used the medication for a total of 9 days and had several ultrasounds to monitor growth of the eggs. I took the trigger injection when I was told that the eggs were mature enough. The eggs were taken out 35 hours after trigger injection. The procedure was done under light anesthesia, and I felt alright after retrieval.