Pregnant with Think Fertility at 42

I am pregnant with Think Fertility at 42

My family and I have a deep gratitude to Dr Deng. My AMH was low and the chance to have a child was slim. Before I found Dr Deng, I had several unsuccessful conventional IVF cycles, and I was recommended to use donor eggs. I searched online and found that Dr Deng specializes in treating women with low AMH. After hearing how natural and mild IVF can be more beneficial to women who have low ovarian reserve, we decided to give it a try.


We had two mild IVF cycles. I felt so blessed when the pregnancy test kit turned out to be two lines after the 2nd transfer. I would say to women who are wondering if it can happen – miracle does happen. You just need to find the right doctor who knows your body and is willing to work with you. Dr Deng is incredibly smart and knowledgeable. She gave me hope and held my hand through the most difficult time. I know how blessed we are, and I wish everyone who is reading this the very best of luck.