Families come in all shapes and sizes.

We are proud to support LGBTQ+ individuals and offer lesbian and gay couples a variety of reproductive services to achieve their dreams of parenthood.

Fertility options for lesbian couples


You may already think about or decide which partner will provide the eggs and/or carry the pregnancy. You may also decide to choose someone you know as the sperm donor or an unknown donor from the sperm bank.


During your initial consultation and your subsequent visit, we will help you decide and finalize your treatment options and course based on you and your partner’s fertility history and fertility health status assessment.

Your major treatment options include:

Donor sperm with IUI (Intra-uterine insemination), which means one partner will provide the eggs, receive sperm injection into her uterus at the time of ovulation and carry the pregnancy.

Donor sperm with IVF or reciprocal IVF, which means the partner who will provide the eggs will undergo an ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval procedure. Once the eggs are fertilized with donor sperm and form the embryos, embryos can be transferred in either her uterus (traditional course) or into the partner’s uterus (reciprocal IVF).

Egg donation or surrogacy if egg donor or gestational carrier is needed to establish the pregnancy.

Fertility options for gay couples


Fertility treatment for gay couples will involve egg donor for IVF treatment and match a gestational carrier to carry the pregnancy. Couples will undergo semen analysis and decide how they would like to handle their insemination process. Some couples opt to each provide sperm to fertilize half of the eggs and deliberately or randomly choose the embryo for transfer.

Fertility preservation for transgender individuals

We partner with excellent egg banks and 3rd party programs, providing you plenty of egg donation and gestational carrier options to choose from. Our team will support you as you explore the path and will guide you through your fertility treatment.


Prior to gender-affirming hormone and/or surgical treatments, speak to us about freezing your sperm or eggs before undergoing any treatment that may affect your fertility.