Natural IVF

How does Natural IVF work?

Do you know that the 1st IVF baby in the world, Louis Brown, was born after a natural cycle IVF?


Natural IVF involves egg collection aligned with your natural menstrual cycle; there are no stimulation drugs or injections involved. We use advanced ultrasound technology to monitor grow of the egg that is naturally selected by your body.

What is Modified Natural IVF?


During Modified Natural IVF, we will give you medication for 3-4 days to avoid spontaneous ovulation prior to egg retrieval.


Mild IVF, Natural IVF and Modified natural cycle IVF require specialist medical expertise and a laboratory that is committed to this type of approach – and we are dedicated to a mild and natural IVF clinic here to provide you with the best chance of success.

Who will benefit from Natural IVF or Modified Natural IVF?

– Women with very low ovarian reserve or low AMH
– Women who did not respond well to injectable medications (had a poor response and fewer than 3 eggs with high dose stimulation IVF)
– Women with medical conditions such as hormone dependent cancer or severe endometriosis and would like to avoid the risks and side effects of high stimulation IVF.