Not Be Able to Conceive

I was told I won’t be able to conceive by using my own eggs

Hi Dr. Deng, I am so sad to see that you left California! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs. After trying for five years, three IVF cycles and one miscarriage, and being told that we were unlikely to have our own child because the chance to conceive with IVF is close to zero, you are the one who took care of me, provided me a personalized treatment, and made my dream of family come true.   Thank you for being so supportive and guiding me through the whole process. I appreciate that you always respond to my questions quickly and respect our financial concerns. The mild IVF was much more tolerable and affordable in comparison to my previous experiences. Being pregnant and counting down the days that our baby will join our family has been amazing! You changed my family and my life. I am beyond grateful when I am writing these words.