My whole experience with Dr Deng was fantastic! She is professional, empathetic, and absolute the best! I felt we made the best decision to have her as our doctor!   

I have PCOS. My first IVF treatment two years ago at one fertility center ended with bad OHSS. I knew I have a high risk of OHSS due to my PCOS but if I could know how bad the OHSS can go, I would never use conventional IVF. At the worst time, my belly was bloated as if I was pregnant,

and I was unable to walk or sleep because of the pain. I had a lot of eggs, but many embryos were poor quality and graded as CC. I rested for several months after egg retrieval and underwent several rounds of transfers. None of them ended with pregnancy. 

We decided that we wanted a personalized treatment and avoided OHSS if possible. I searched online and found Dr Deng. She advised to start a much lower dose medication and mild treatment protocol. We were monitored closely by ultrasound and blood work at each visit. My experience with Dr Deng was amazing. I felt my concern was listened to and my treatment was tailored to my body. I experienced only mild discomfort for 2 days after egg retrieval, which was much better than my previous experience. I had less eggs collected but more high grading and good quality embryos.