Me and my family have a deep appreciation for the care and treatment provided by Dr Deng. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis and had surgery on my uterus and left ovary at age 32. I was 36 when I tried to get pregnant. Not surprising that I was found to have low ovarian reserve and my uterus cavity was abnormal because of defects from previous surgery. I was referred to Dr Deng because of my poor ovarian 

reserve and uterine conditions. Dr Deng talked with me in detail and performed ultrasound and blood work for me and considered that I still had the chance to use my own eggs to create embryos. I had one cycle of mild IVF, in which I used both Clomid and low dose of Gonal-F. I achieved seven eggs and after genetic testing I found out that I had three normal embryos available for transfer. I did not expect at all I could have three normal embryos from one cycle! Before the treatment I was concerned that IVF medication and hormones would worsen my endometriosis, but I did not experience any significant pain or cramps with my subsequent menses after IVF. The more natural way of mild IVF treatment really worked well for me.

Dr Deng transferred one embryo back to me. Now I am 8 weeks pregnant. I am extremely grateful to Dr Deng. She is committed and eager to enable women’s reproductive possibilities. Every visit to the clinic was a positive experience. The care and support I received made a huge difference when I faced challenges.