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Welcome to Think Fertility and thank you for your interest in our center. Think Fertility was founded to provide patients with the best-in-class fertility care. Here you will find various resources, latest assisted reproductive technologies, and foremost innovations. You will receive safe, highly successful, and affordable fertility care that is provided by our team of experts.

Think Fertility is experienced in mild and natural stimulation IVF treatment. Our IVF protocols allow us to work with your body and augment your body fertility potential, resulting in high successful outcomes as well as a more gentle and physiologically supportive experience.

Each of you has unique situation and desire. We put you at the heart of your personalized treatment program, designed to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care that provides you with the maximal chance of success......


We believe that every patient has the right to access fertility care, regardless of their age, ovarian reserve, or financial status.

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Patient Story No.1

"My family and I have a deep gratitude to Dr Deng. My AMH was low and the chance to have a child was slim. Before I found Dr Deng, I had several unsuccessful conventional IVF cycles, and I was recommended to use donor eggs. I searched online and found that Dr Deng s pecializes in treating women with low AMH. ......

Patient Story No.2

"Me and my family have a deep appreciation for the care and treatment provided by Dr Deng. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis and had surgery on my uterus and left ovary at age 32. I was 36 when I tried to get pregnant. Not surprising that I was found to have low ovarian reserve.......

Patient Story No.3

"Hi Dr. Deng, I am so sad to see that you left California! I cannot thank you enough for giving me the chance of having a baby with my own eggs. After trying for five years, three IVF cycles and one miscarriage, and being told that we were unlikely to have our own child ......

Patient Story No.4

"My whole experience with Dr Deng was fantastic! She is professional, empathetic, and absolute the best! I felt we made the best decision to have her as our doctor! I have PCOS. My first IVF treatment two years ago at one fertility center ended with bad OHSS........

Patient Story No.5

"My experience of egg freezing treatment with Dr Deng was amazing! I had genetic testing and found out I am a BRCA carrier when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and found out she had BRCA. I inherited that gene from my mother. It took me several years to accept it.......

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