Donor Eggs

Donor Eggs

Donor Eggs services offered in Bellevue, WA

Donating eggs is a remarkable gift that may be the only option some people have to achieve their parenthood dream. Jie Deng, MD, PhD, HCLD, FACOG, and her colleagues at Think Fertility in Bellevue, Washington, offer assisted reproduction using donor eggs for women who can’t use their own. Donor eggs are also an option for LGBTQ+ people desiring children. Benefit from the generosity of egg donation by calling Think Fertility today or request a consultation via the online booking form.

What are donor eggs?

Donor eggs help women with fertility problems conceive and bear children. Healthy women might donate their eggs to a fertility bank where they’re frozen until required, or you might be able to get fresh donor eggs from a family member, friend, or specialist agency.

Egg donation and implantation are similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF). You must take hormone treatments to prepare your body for implantation. The donor also takes hormones, triggering superovulation (multiple egg releases).

After harvesting, the lab fertilizes the eggs with sperm and allows the resulting embryos to develop for a few days before implantation in your uterus.

Think Fertility’s specialist egg donation team partners with national and international egg banks. They have access to donors possessing all the characteristics you and your family consider important and are there with you every step of the way.

When might I need donor eggs?

Women who might want to consider using donor eggs include those with fertility issues such as:

  • Very low ovarian reserve
  • Poor egg quality due to aging
  • Premature menopause
  • Previous unsuccessful IVF
  • Repeated unexplained miscarriages
  • Having genetic diseases that your baby could inherit

The decision to use donor eggs is deeply personal but may hinge on how many more IVF cycles you’re willing to undergo or how long you can keep trying other methods before age becomes a major barrier.

Using donor eggs requires considerable thought and can be a challenging process. But it could help you have the family you want, and remember, what matters is that your child is loved and cherished, not how they came to be.

What are my donor egg treatment options?

You have two options with donor eggs: frozen or fresh. You can get anonymous frozen donor eggs from egg banks, which is typically quicker than using fresh eggs. Most egg banks supply five or six eggs in each treatment cycle, usually resulting in 1-2 transferable embryos.

Alternatively, you can use fresh donor eggs if you have a relative or friend who’s willing to undergo IVF treatment or if you find a donor through an agency. You own all the eggs from each fresh donor egg treatment, which potentially means you get more embryos. However, fresh egg donation is usually more costly, and finding a donor might take a while.

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