Age > 40

The sooner you start, the more treatment options are available, and the better outcomes you will have.

Age > 40

What are my chances of getting pregnant naturally when I am age 40?

Age is the main determining factor of women’s fertility potential. Your chances of getting pregnant naturally per month are 20% at age 30, 5% at age 40, and 1% chance at age 45.

If you are 40 and would like to have a child, you want to get a fertility evaluation as early as possible because your ovarian reserve may be running out of time. Many women have diminished ovarian reserves at age 40, which makes it difficult to conceive and easy to experience miscarriage after pregnancy is established.

What IVF protocol is better for me when I am 40?

If you are 40 years old, the number of eggs on your ovaries and the chance to have a healthy egg and embryo is significantly different from a woman who is 25. Conventional IVF stimulation, the commonly used protocol in many IVF centers, might not be the best strategy for you. We put a strong emphasis on determining each woman’s fertility before making an individualized treatment plan. One of the major considerations is that trying to push a greater number of eggs by using high doses of IVF medications does not always result in more healthy embryos and higher chances of pregnancy. if you have diminished ovarian reserve, Mild IVF will provide you the most successful and tolerable experience. Find out about the different types of IVF treatment here.

Is it safe for me to carry the pregnancy by myself when I am age 40?

Although pregnancy after age 40 has higher chances of developing hypertensive disorder, diabetes or miscarriage, for women who have no significant medical issue or concern, most pregnancies end with a healthy mom and healthy baby, as long as the woman receives adequate care prenatally.

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