Am I making the right choice by using donor eggs?

No matter how you got here, we want you to absolutely know that you are not alone. 

For some people, donor eggs are their only option to achieve their dream of becoming a mom. You may experience devastation, grief, anxiety, and fear. But we want you to know that eventually, you will have the family you want, just like everyone else. What matters is how much your child is loved in this world, not the method by which he or she comes into it. 

If you choose to proceed with donor egg treatment, we want you to know that our specialist egg donation team will be there every step of the way with you. We partner with national and international egg banks and have access to egg donors with all characteristics that are important to you and your family. 

What is a good time to consider using a donor egg?

There is no one answer that fits everyone. The decision to move forward with donor eggs is extremely personal. The question to yourself may be, “How much longer can I wait to be a parent?” or “How many more times am I willing to try with my own eggs?”  

Women who consider donor egg include those with:

  • Premature menopause
  • Extremely diminished ovarian reserve 
  • Poor egg quantity and quality due to aging
  • Prior poor IVF treatment outcomes
  • Unexplained and repeated miscarriage
  • Genetic diseases that could pass on to offspring

What are your options of donor egg treatment?

You can choose to use either frozen donor eggs or fresh donor eggs. 

Anonymous frozen donor eggs can be purchased from egg banks. It is usually a quicker treatment path compared to fresh donor eggs. Most egg banks provide 5-6 eggs in each treatment cycle, which usually results in 1-2 embryos for transfer. 

If you have a sister, relative or friend who is willing to go through IVF procedures to donate their eggs to you, or if you find a donor through agencies, you can proceed with fresh donor egg treatment. Fresh donor egg treatment usually means potentially more eggs and more embryos available because you own all eggs from one donor IVF cycle. But it is associated with higher cost, and it might take longer to find a fresh egg donor. 

Chat with our doctor to see which option is better for you.

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